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Macro Photography


Persistent growths
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raindrift gave me this lens. It's exciting.

Stay tuned.

Self portraits


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Not sure how it happened, but a lot of the photos I've been uploading lately are of me. There are more on flickr, especially if you're logged in and we're friends--there's a few indecent ones. This one was actually taken by yosh but most of the others were taken by me. And I might claim some credit for this one anyway (hee!) since I focused it and set the exposure and then handed him the camera. I've had interesting discussions with a friend of mine as to what constitutes a self portrait. Does it matter who pushes the button?

One of my students took this


One of my students took this
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I brought in my polaroid and let them photograph each other. We actually made a stop-motion movie out of the images, which I'm hoping to upload sometime soon.

I let them experiment with one of my SLRs as well. Haven't developed that yet. It's fascinating to watch them interact with cameras. Only one student got excited enough to sit through the entire explanation of how to focus and meter--even though I used an aperture priority camera so they only have to make sure that the shutter speed isn't too long to hand hold. And even after the explanation, she shot a bunch of out of focus pictures on purpose, even when I pointed out what she was doing. I'm curious to see what they think when they finally get the feedback of looking at negatives and scans.

Digital infrared


My sister on Vday
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This is the only way I know how to blog anymore. It's interesting. It's not that I don't have anything to say, it's just that I'm saying it all visually.

For instance. I love my sister.

Photo Dispatch - Emotional routine

I've had a backlog of 4 rolls of film for a while. It's nice to be behind on processing because then I don't start jonesing for new photos. I've been getting a lot more purposeful with my photography lately. I plan a few rolls in advance, and while I'm certainly still taking impromptu snapshots, I have an agenda for most rolls. I'm about to invest in a few rolls of very bizarre film, so that should be fun to play with.

I've never really thought of myself as an artist, and still don't particularly, but photography is definitely the creative outlet that keeps me sane right now. It's how I organize and process my emotions. I have a few projects in the works that are going to take a few months, and chipping away at them is very satisfying. I've been hoarding away some of my best photos to use in multiple exposure prints, but I still need to shoot the photos that will complement them. I'm also getting really into positives, which is unexpected. I have a bunch of darkroom experiments I want to do with positives, but I'm also wanting large positives for other projects. I'm probably going to revisit the golgi stain neurons as well, if any of you remember that. Anyway, boring stuff for you all I'm sure, but it's keeping me happy.

This is a routine photo dispatch, nothing particularly of note. More black and white and more weird colors. Also, I'm going to be printing photos for christmas presents, which should be interesting. I'll just be a little print-making factory for a few days in the next month.

Here's some recent black and white:


Those last two are ghetto macro shots where I turned my lens around and held it against the camera. It was fun. I really want a real macro lens though. And a wide angle lens, and a medium format camera, and an IR filter...

The roll I mentioned last time that was cross-processed and pushed came out really insane. Very vibrant colors, very red. At first I panicked about the red again, but I got used to it.



Photo Dispatch - Cross-processing

One of my latest rolls that I'm excited about was a roll of 64 ISO Tungsten slide film, which I got cross-processed in C-41. It came out exceedingly pink. Or rather, the negatives came out exceedingly turquoise. I actually could not filter out enough red light with a standard color enlarger filter, so Audrey showed me how to use blank red film as a filter on top of the standard built in filters.

yerdua from Roll 23: Fuji T64, cross-processed - More

yosh on Roll 23

In general, cross processing slide film in C-41 makes the photos come out a little grainy, higher contrast, and with washed out colors that have the hue a bit skewed (different hue depending on the film). This was definitely the case with the roll I had cross processed from Toorcamp, which came out mild and a little bluish. That was Fuji Provia slide film.

Anonymous condom bomber at Toorcamp, from roll 12

I don't really go for the whole lomography craze, but I do like messing with my color palate. The entry where I decided I like pushing color kind of marks the beginning of this interest. I'm currently shooting a roll of slide film that I'll be getting cross-processed AND pushed. It's 100, so the grain shouldn't be too bad, but the contrast might be kind of insane. What I'm hoping to do actually is counteract some of the color desaturation. We'll see.

Also, rubin110 and Joachim have both taken some great photos of me lately, so I thought I'd post a few of those as well. Joachim's is cross-processed, and it's actually the same film that I'm currently working on. And Rubin's had a roll of the same film as well.



And on the same day as the above photo, Rubin and I shot a roll of Kodak Flexicolor. It was ISO 8, which is ridiculous, so this involved a lot of long exposures and chasing the sun. And flexicolor is technically supposed to produce negatives--it's designed to be used to duplicate slide film in negative form. So technically this isn't cross-processed, it's just film that was never intended to be shot in normal daylight. Anyway, it came out craaazy blue. Definitely some of my favorite photos of me.


"Nineteenth century novels were all-important to her. It wasn't a question of her liking them; they were a neurological necessity, like sleep... [They] allowed her to organize social sense experience." -The Fermata, by Nicholson Baker

Photo Dispatch - Backlighting and color

When I look through photos that I've taken, I think, "Gee I should do things more. With people. So that I can take more photographs."

First few rolls of film from India are up. I have another roll of black and white which I developed myself and which I'm still working on printing. I'll post scans of some prints eventually. In general, I'm very happy with how they came out. Also mixed in are some more local photos that snuck onto those rolls.

Roll 15 - Fuji Superia 400 on the K1000:

I was very pleased with the color on this roll--Superia is quite solid. The first half is photos from Toorcamp, and my favorite of those was this gorgeously backlit photo of Billy. I've been playing with backlighting a lot more lately. I initially shied away from it because it's kind of a bitch to meter, but hey that's why you bracket with a few variations on the exposure. And when I went to Toorcamp I was backlighting a lot because I was obsessed with lens flare. But I also really like the low color saturation and the high contrast highlights you get in the foreground, like on the side of his arm.

This roll I actually shot halfway and rewound, and then reloaded a month later on my way to India. So there's a shot of Paris in there, and then a bunch of Bangalore. Unfortunately it looks like my gallery puts them in a weird order when you access them via the tag, but you can probably tell which ones are from India. Here's one of my favorites of the India photos. It's a random series of overlapping exposures done on the K1000. The "live" theme is a happy accident.

Roll 19 - Fuji Sensia 100 on the K1000, pushed two stops:

The next roll of film in India is slide film that I had pushed two stops. Normally this would be horribly grainy, but with the small grain of 100 ISO it was not bad at all. And the color is gorgeously saturated. I recall liking the color saturation on roll 11 which was 200, pushed one stop, but the grain on that was too much. I'm going to continue playing with this because really my love for oversaturated colors knows no bounds (and probably needs to find them). Anyway, following is a shot from that roll. In the ruins in Hampi, there were a lot of very low and very high light situations where ordinarily I might not have gotten good color. In this shot, it's low light, but the color is still really juicy.

Roll 20 - Kodak Elite Chrome 100 shot on the K1000:

I also shot a roll of slide film in India that's not pushed, and the color is very faded. This was film I actually bought in India, so that may well be the cause, but I also think that without pushing it, the color in slide film just doesn't excite me. However, I did shoot some backlit shots of my family which looked great with the under-saturated color. This one of my aunt Sue makes me really happy. She's very beautiful to me. And that photo has the quality of family photos from the 80s, which makes me very nostalgic.



I've recently reorganized the film album in my gallery. I was posting an album for every roll, but that started to seem like an arbitrary delineation, so now I tag the roll number. But this means that I no longer get the album header to ramble about how the roll turned out. So I'm posting some of those ramblings here, by way of archivation, and will post them here in the future. I've also included my favorite photo from each roll, under the cuts. It was a nice retrospective for me.

I have two color rolls from India getting developed right now, that I'm very excited about. And I have one black and white roll that I'll be developing myself, which should be very interesting indeed. It has a ton of multiple exposures, most of which I purposefully didn't align, and it's mostly photos of the kids mobbing me. I'll be in the darkroom this week with tristan_crane to develop it, and with yerdua to do some prints.

Roll 11 - Pushed color

Turned out rather grainy, but nicely saturated colors.Collapse )

Roll 8 - Light leaks and pushing

Light leaks are bizarre and unpredictable.Collapse )

Roll 5 - High school film

A roll of film I found in my closet, from back when I was a yearbook photographer. Shot in June 2009.Collapse )



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